Ep. 17: Elly's Orphaned Triplet Fawns-August 2018

Ep. 17: Elly's Orphaned Triplet Fawns-August 2018

Sir Mark Frederick McKinney

5 months
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For the new people here, Elly had been coming to see me for close to 4 years. I have been through 4 sets of fawns with her. Three weeks after having her second set of triplets, Ely passed away. The fawns have been surviving on their own. The neighbors and I have put our food and water for them to help them survive. With many trips down the road and back, I earned their trust to the point they started showing up in my yard for some apple pieces. Two weeks later, something spooked them, and they stopped showing up here. I take them some food when I see them out, and the tiny one has come back to visit me 3-4 times. I am trying to get all 3 fawns to make regular visits so they know they have a safe place to come and eat. I want to do this for the fawns.....and for my Elly girl.

For those concerned with the "humanizing" of these deer, I have been doing this for quite a while. What I have learned is that the deer see me as some kind of nice animal to them. They run if any person comes down the road or into my yard! it is a special relationship I have with them that took a long time to develope.

I follow the DNR guidlines closely for recreational feeding. I have contacted the DNR office, and I have it in writing.

Music: "Will Grows Up" by William Ross, from the movie "My Dog Skip" (Original Motion Picture Sountrack)


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