Scientology Hearings, Forced Abortions and L. Ron Hubbard with Tony Ortega & Mark Ebner

Scientology Hearings, Forced Abortions and L. Ron Hubbard with Tony Ortega & Mark Ebner

Sir Mark Frederick McKinney

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Scientology is on trial with former member Laura Ann Decrescenzo alleging forced abortion and slavery against David Miscavige and the church, and we discuss the details with Scientology investigators Tony Ortega and Mark Ebner. Speaking about the misdeeds and abuses of Scientology, the homophobia of L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics, freeloader debts and the brainwashing and intimidation used by the Scientology and the Sea Org, and what PT Anderson "got wrong," with The Master-it is another look at the controversial group on Media Mayhem hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.

Tony Ortega is a former editor of The Village Voice who is working on a book on Scientology and blogs at He lives in New York.

Mark Ebner is an investigative journalist who has covered celebrity and crime culture for such publications as Rolling Stone, Maxim, Details and Spy. Mark has investigated such controversial subjects as Scientology, dog fighting and the Ku Klux Klan. A published author, Mark co-wrote the New York Times bestseller "Hollywood, Interrupted" with Andrew Breitbart and Six Degrees of Paris Hilton. Most recently he co-authored "We Have Your Husband," a story about a kidnapping in Mexico. Mark was a consultant on the Emmy nominated episode of South Park's "Trapped in the Closet" and also consulted for NBC/Dateline on the Paris Hilton Tapes report.

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00:01 Welcome to Media Mayhem.
00:30 Introducing Tony Ortega and Mark Ebner.
01:30 Laura Ann Decrescenzo's enslavement and coerced abortion.
06:00 Sea Org's lack of education and labor laws.
10:00 Scientology security officer Gary Moorhead on forced abortions.
13:50 Scientology attorney Bert Deixler, delaying trials, and settling out of court.
19:30 Marty Rathbun PI harassment.
22:20 Monique Rathbun's lawsuit against David Miscavige.
26:00 Leah Remini's deposition and Marty Rathbun's conspiracy to take over the church.
31:50 Using the First Amendment and religious freedom as a means of protection.
38:20 Freeloader debt as a religious obligation.
42:00 Infiltrating the church, the auditing process, and hypnotherapy and The Master.
46:30 Combatting cult mind control and the process of decompressing.
49:30 Thanks and goodbye.


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