High-speed camera mounted on a spinning lawnmower blade

High-speed camera mounted on a spinning lawnmower blade

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Mounting a Chronos 1.4 high-speed camera on a spinning lawnmower blade, and dropping things into the upside-down mower, recorded at 5900fps.

This started out as a project to see what the camera could take, turns out it can take a lot of punishment! Spinning up to 1800RPM, with about 200G exerted continuously on the periphery of the camera, plus another 100-200G of shock when an impact occurs.

The biggest challenges were getting balance correct, and finding lenses that could take high G force without going out of focus. The wide angle CS mount zoom lenses distort under high G, causing the focus to shift. Some of the earlier shots are slightly blurry for this reason. In the end I found a 2.8mm prime lens that handled the G force just fine.

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These were taken with a beta software that shoots DNG raw, you can find more info on this software here:

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Bustin' Loose - Audionautix
The Dreamer's Overture - JT Bruce


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