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Ready to analyze the Old Testament for evidence of mistranslations? The word Ba'al simply means Lord, and even that word is subjective and depends greatly on context. Ba'al is also known as the Storm. Come with me as we discover who the Romans actually call God and ask ourselves, Is their God a benevolent Creator of pure love and compassion, or is he more like a vengeful, homicidal brat, not above killing innocent people, children, or committing any other atrocity in his supposed name. Romans are Ba'al Worshipers. They grafted it right into the roots of Christianity. We'll also discuss the Popes and their history of atrocities and black magic rituals to further paint a truer picture of what Christianity and Roman Catholicism come from.
We should all be concerned with Pope Francis as he is a doubly troublesome Pontiff being he is the Highest Ranking Jesuit of the Order (Company.) He conducts the black mass ritual initiation ceremonies I cover in my video "Jesuit Initiation Deep State Revealed" Globalism is already long ago achieved. We are simply unaware of just how fully conquered our country was after the Civil War, which I also cover in a 2-Part video about Lincoln & the Destruction of the Government-By-Consent. The Civil War was a Counter-Reformation War.


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