Battle of the Planets 003  The Space Mummy

Battle of the Planets 003 The Space Mummy

Uncle Creepy Radio and TV

7 months
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Battle of the Planets is an American adaptation of the Japanese anime series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (1972).Battle of the Planets cast five young people as G-Force, consisting of Mark, Jason, Princess, Keyop, and Tiny. G-Force protects Earth from the planet Spectra and other attacks from beyond space. The most prominent field commander of the Spectra forces was a villainous, masked individual known as Zoltar. Zoltar would receive his orders directly from a being he would refer to as the "Luminous One". The Luminous One would appear as a ghost-like, disembodied, floating head. Who, or what this being actually was, is never explained in any detail throughout the series. (wikipedia) Tags: battle of the planets,battle of the planets (tv program),planets,battle,battle of the planets movie,battle of the planets review,the,battle of the planets cartoon,battle of the planets reviews,battle of the planets cartoon show,battle of the planets cartoon review,battle of the planets live action movie,of,attack of the space terrapin, obscure,tv,obscure tv,obscure vinyl,obscure song,obscure cars,obscure best song,obscure infinity,obscure supercars,car news tv,like totally obscure,cheesy tv,obscure supercars ever produced,qun tv,tfb tv,forgotten & obscure supercars,color tv game 6,most forgotten & obscure supercars,retro,press movies & tv,10 creepiest and obscure unsolved mysteries,forgotten & obscure supercars ever produced,review, cartoons,obscure,obscure cartoons,cartoon,cartoon network,cartoon (tv genre),animated cartoon (tv genre),really obscure cartoon,obscure cartoon countdown,obscure cartoon that i loved,best cartoons,stupid things obscure cartoon,forgotten cartoons,creepy cartoon,obscure animation,retro cartoon,obscure toy lines,comedy cartoon,recess cartoon,obscure show,worst cartoons,3d cartoon,best of cartoon box,bad cartoons,cartoon box, ,cartoons for kids,free cartoons,cartoon for kids,kids cartoons,cartoon movie,cartoon network,cartoons for children,animated cartoon (tv genre),funny cartoon,free cartoon games,free cartoons online,cartoon (tv genre),animation,children's cartoons,free,how to make cartoon video,cartoons for babies,cartoons funny videos,free cartoons online for kids to watch dora,new cartoon, cartoon,cartoons,old,old cartoons,cartoon network,cartoon for kids,old cartoon,old cartoon ♥,famous old cartoon,animation,old cartoon network,racist old cartoons,old cartoons popeye,classic cartoons,famous old racist cartoon,old cartoons theme songs,vintage cartoons,cartoon network shows,old cartoons starting song,old cartoons popeye for president,cartoon network old shows,donald duck cartoon,disney cartoon, cartoon,cartoons,90s,90s cartoons,cartoon network,90s cartoon,90's cartoons,animated cartoon (tv genre),cartoon intros,cartoon (tv genre),best 90s cartoons,90's cartoon,cartoon theme songs,best 90s cartoon,1990s,saturday morning cartoons,cartoon intro,top 10 90s cartoons,90s marvel cartoons,banned 90s cartoons,90's,do teens know 90s cartoons,cartoon intros 90s,animation,80s cartoon,70s cartoon,90 cartoons, cartoon,cartoons,best cartoon,cartoon network,funny cartoon,animated cartoon,cartoons for children,animated cartoon (tv genre),mr bean cartoon,cartoons for kids,the best cartoon,best cartoons,best of cartoon box,best tv cartoons,animation,cartoonz,best cartoon in india,tom jerry cartoon,best cartoons in tv,larva cartoon,kids cartoons,best funny cartoon ever,best cartoons of 2018,best modern cartoons, science fiction,science fiction (tv genre),science fiction movies,cartoon,fiction,cartoon cartoons,kids cartoon,animation,cartoons,science fiction history,science fiction analysis,science fiction animation movie,science fiction series,my science fiction project,childrens cartoon,extra science fiction,english cartoon,science fiction animated movie,funny cartoon,science fiction animated series,cartoons for kids,comedy cartoon, science fiction,tv series,series,science fiction (tv genre),tv,science fiction tv,science fiction tv shows,sci fi tv shows,tv show,sci-fi,science fiction shows,sci-fi tv series,scince fiction,best science fiction,scjence fiction,1980s science fiction,1990s science fiction,sci tv series,sci-fi tv series 2018,netflix science fiction,newest tv series,fiction,sci-fi tv,most popular sci-fi tv series,sci fi, sci-fi,cartoon,scifi,scifi cartoon parody,cartoon (tv genre),science fiction,animation,scifi creation myth,alien cartoon,scifi channel,weird cartoon,psychedelic cartoon,cartoons,trippy acid cartoon,surreal cartoon,cartoon movie,animated funny cartoon,cartoon movies,short cartoon video,cartoon network,bobs your uncle cartoons,animated cartoon (tv genre),cartoon creation story,arab sci-fi,surreal scifi


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