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I had uploaded the unfinished video file by accident, so when this video posts, the partial will be deleted. Coming right after that, I have a follow-up video with an article that tells the real story. High def files take a long time to upload on this platform, so the next videos will be in HD quality 1 aka 720 vs 1920x1080Damien Echols is incredibly guilty of the crimes. Listen to me read off his priors which include sucking blood out of inmates wounds and claiming to be a Satanic vampire. I had to balance the bullshit from the previous article with a little reality check. Damien Echols went from a condemned trailer to Hollywood crony and all he had to do was kill a few 8 year olds and spend a gematria-significant 18 years in prison. Then Depp helped him promote a book, produce a movie of his story, all to rewrite reality and create a false narrative. Sound familiar? That's the Modus Operendi of this cult whether it's Hollywood, Politics, or the Freemasonic Police brotherhood. It's a disgusting blotch on the life of Johnny Depp that matches well to his previous murder of River Phoenix. My next video will explain that in more detail.


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