My #RetroGaming History [Ep 5][16-Bit Consoles] #DPadGaming

My #RetroGaming History [Ep 5][16-Bit Consoles] #DPadGaming

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Which one of the big boys had the best 16-bit console? Let's compare...

Come with me on a journey through my childhood in #gaming!

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01:16 Stats and Fanboy Hype
02:38 NEC's Turbo Grafx-16
03:50 Bonk's Adventure
04:39 Keith Courage in Alpha Zones
06:40 Bloody Wolf
08:20 Moto Roader
08:40 Bravoman
10:10 Sega Genesis
11:44 Mortal Kombat
12:45 Eternal Champions (followed by more MK)
13:46 Sonic the Hedgehog 2
16:12 Road Rash
18:17 Street of Rage Series
19:17 Super Nintendo Entertainment System
22:12 Super Castlevania IV
23:15 Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage
25:15 Clay Fighter
26:22 Super Mario World
26:51 Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
28:00 Declaring the Champion

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