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In this video (the 4th episode of Bakeline) we offer some constructive criticism to one of the worst humans on the internet, Vincent Nicotra. This doof struck 400 videos with false copyright claims. He did this as a PR stunt. He took down multiple channels for a fucking PR stunt. And do you know what he said after he got our channels back? "You see? You gained a bunch of subscribers."This is the kind of person we are talking about. On top of that, he continues to come into our community and make all sorts of snide comments under videos. He can't keep a lid on any of it. He will use sock accounts and try and pretend he is NOT Vince. But, he is such a potato head, he always gives himself away!We had officially decided to forget about this dip-wad earlier in the year. But, when it came to our attention that he was promoting some new websites he claimed to make, we knew we had to look into it. Vince comes from the MLM world or business, where you say anything to make a buck. If it screws someone over, that's not his concern. Most important is that Vince has never shown to be highly skilled at anything, let alone website development. It took no time at all to root out the many errors on Vince's new projects. The biggest reveal, however, is that Vince is trying to bait Chris Hansen fans into using his services. People need to know that this guy has already proven to be untrustworthy, doxxing people with information from Hansen's website subscription list. No matter what you think of the guy, DO NOT give your personal information to him, or any project he is associated with. He is a snake in the grass, and will not hesitate to use YOUR information to HIS advantage.He is just ripping off others work and claiming it as his and trying to sell it to the Chris Hansen following.


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