Alfred Bester from Babylon 5

Alfred Bester from Babylon 5

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Stephen Kevin Dexter was born in August 2189 at a secret location while his parents, Matthew and Fiona Dexter, resistance leaders both, were in hiding. "Little Stee" as they like to call him was named for Stephen Walters, his godfather and a trusted friend of his parents. Unbeknownst to anyone other than the late resistance founder Monkey, Little Stee's grandfather (Fiona's father) was none other that the Psi Corps Director Kevin Vacit, himself a powerful but unregistered telepath.

Shortly after emerging from hiding, Little Stee was with his parents and Walters at the Styx Hotel fortress when the Psi Corps picked up one of their people, Jenny Winters, in the nearby town. A deep scan quickly turned up the location of the Styx as their eastern base of operations.
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