We Removed Her Bees But Found Something Worse

We Removed Her Bees But Found Something Worse

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Sir Mark Frederick McKinney

9 months
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Due to time constraints it is impossible for me to put out a video on every job I record or even to record every job that I do. As I've told my friends, I have literal terabytes of unedited video in storage. I told Mr. Ed the other day that I could put out a video every week until the end of 2020 even if I didn't record another job and I wasn't exaggerating. Some of it is great and some not so much. Since we do removal jobs along with other work pretty much all year long I never really take a break from recording. Because I record more than one job a week and only have time to edit one video a week at best it's unlikely you'll ever see all of them but it pains me not to show the ones I like so I'm going back through older jobs to edit some of those over the winter.

This video is timely in the fact that Steve's fiftieth birthday is coming up next month and I thought he might enjoy looking back on the work we did together. Happy birthday Steve Payne.

Here is the link to the other video Steve was in with us at Marshall Space Flight Center. That video was made possible by Thad Strippling and Yappy Beeman on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7q-pdJfWto

The vac used in this video is the creation of honey bee relocation specialist Jon Nelson. This is the No Kill Honey Bee Vac. I'll show and talk about it in more detail in a future video. In the mean time if you are interested you can reach out to him at bbnelsonapiaries@gmail.com.

The outro music is April Sky (Schill Paulsen Remix) - Sebastian Forslund - Epidemic Sound

The intro music is Satellite - Onda Norte - Epidemic Sound

This is not a sponsored video.

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