We Found A Mean Seven Foot Tall Bee Hive In His Chimney

We Found A Mean Seven Foot Tall Bee Hive In His Chimney

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Sir Mark Frederick McKinney

8 months
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We are professionals. Don't try this at home. ;)

As many of you know I rarely wear a bee suit because I'm a big boy and I get hot really easily. The danger of injury or sickness from bee stings pales in comparison to health problems I could potentially encounter due to dehydration, heat exhaustion or heat stroke. So for all the commenters who will beg for me to wear protection I say don't worry about it. Just enjoy the videos. Keep the eye rolling to a minimum though. I'd hate for you to get dizzy and hurt yourself.

This job was at one of Greg Dunn's friend's house, Mr. Ken. Mr. Ken contacted Greg about his honey bee problem and Greg contacted me. I invited Greg along to participate and for his trouble he got to keep the bees and all the honey, of which there was quite a lot of both. This colony was incredibly healthy and the honey was superb. They had serious attitude though and were pretty tough to deal with. They were mean from start to finish. Greg and I were the main ones doing the work so we took the brunt of the impact from all those pissed off honey bees. As you'll see at the end we both survived and were only a little worse for wear.

The treat for me in this whole thing was getting to tour the Simply Dunn Honey house and testing the latest batch of creamed honey. Currently Greg sells locally around Hatttiesburg, MS but I'll bet for the right price he'd ship if anyone was interested. You can see his label and contact info near the end of the video.

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