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QAnon speaks of the Great Awakening, but is their version of such an event related to the Awakening that has been talked about since before written history? Are both understandings of what it means to truly be awakened compatible with one another? Do either seem to be a path to the other? If only one of these could be achieved, which one would provide the most benefit to the life-experience? Which would most likely enrich your relationships, and perhaps transform the everyday drab state of consciousness into one bursting with compassion and enthusiasm for everything you experience? Do either of these paths conflict with the other? After the video, ask yourself which path you're on, and whether you wish to continue down it, see it as one-in-the-same, or if you wish to change lanes. Were you aware that Gnosis was out there waiting to be unlocked? Have you experienced periods of Gnosis ever? Was it exhilarating? Frightening? Enriching? A little of each? Would you feel Gnosis has more significance than an old book written by an unknown hand(s)?


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