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The Audio is a little off in some parts. I was fighting very terrible, paid software known as Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium. I have since upgraded my computer for the sole purpose of running DaVinci Resolve for editing. This video was much worse. I fixed most of the audio issues in DaVinci as a post-post production. All videos will be more enjoyable to make and to watch from here-on-out.
More regarding my gripe with the President I once devoutly supported. I do not want anyone else to be the President instead of him, but I don't want him either. He is proving to be a Treasonous Enemy of the People, so he fits right in with DC & the false dichotomy of a 2-Party system. He's doing more to destroy the 1st, 2nd, & 4th Amendments more than the past regime. This man fooled us all. I will be making my case for my position in the coming videos, this one included.


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