Slash -  A Killer Novel by Hunter Shea - Monster Men Ep: 147

Slash - A Killer Novel by Hunter Shea - Monster Men Ep: 147

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This time on Monster Men we welcome a special guest; horror author Hunter Shea. His new novel, SLASH, is a must read for horror fans, especially if you grew up loving slasher flicks. (And who didn’t?) Hunter Shea is one of the hottest horror writers on the scene today. He also co-hosts a popular horror video podcast called Monster Men. Yeah, that’s right… our guest is one of the hosts of the show. The horror content business is a small world, folks. Hunter tells us about his new book and the inspiration behind it. There’s lots of love for the slasher genre in this episode. Check it out and then go get SLASH, and tell a friend. ------------------ Welcome to Monster Men: Where Horror Hangs Out The Monster Men take on all things horror and paranormal with their special brand of graveyard humor. If you're into vampires, zombies, UFOs, werewolves, ghosts, movies, scary books, movie reviews, the supernatural or just about anything dark and monstrous, welcome home. Find more episodes of Monster Men at:


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