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This is one of my most IMPORTANT, Most significant videos to-date, and will only be further enhanced by watching my videos on the Civil War, & the 3 part series called Deep State Origins, and my video called PROOF the 16th Amendment was NEVER Ratrified. Our Constitution is NOT flawed. This is the AGE of TREASON.Hell is what learning new software is. DaVinci has promise, but it's so frustrating for my AUTISTIC mind whom can't get why things don't follow a straightforward, logical path. Some days I'm the machine, other days I'm the pinball in that machine being knocked around and literally bumping into every damn thing. Through my own fault I lost about 5 hours of editing work on a video I have yet to publish. It crashed and I have to start all over because I was having such fun creating it that I forgot to save the project as I went. Today it was figuring out Chroma Key in DaVinci which I still am doing wrong. Anyway, this video speaks of it's content just fine without me saying another word about it.However, both parts I read are from the reprinted material found in Behold A Pale Horse by the good man, Bill Cooper. RIP.Listen to how UnConstitutional our foreign entanglement with the UN is, and learn that WE must correct this because we can NO LONGER delegate our Responsibilities to CFR selected Politicians. The CFR created the UN!


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