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Things you can do to change tip the war game in your favor:
LEARN the TRUTH about ALLOPATHIC Medicine & the CDC, AMA, NIH, WHO
Throw out aluminum everything (pretty much) It leeches into water as well, so aluminum lined sports bottles are not the best choice.
Get rid of Aluminum based antiperspirant. Magnesium Oil works EXACTY the same and it won't kill you with Alzheimer's, or derail your cognitive function
Cook with Butter & Coconut Oil (no other lubricant food oils)
I would NOT get shots. I have had them, and I'm damaged by them. 4 kids in my Okinawan Martial Arts class are vaccine damaged out of 8, so 50%! The 2 month old shots killed my younger brother 32 years ago. You don't want that.
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