P1 - THE CREATURE: Personal Experiences With Bigfoot, by Jan Klement

P1 - THE CREATURE: Personal Experiences With Bigfoot, by Jan Klement

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a young deer appeared off to the side of the cabin. It was the first one I had ever seen on my property. It spotted us and shot up the road toward the top of the hill. Kong leaped to his feet and was off like a flash of lightning. His speed was fantastic as he ran the deer down before it got more than a hundred feet away. He picked it up in his powerful hands and slammed it to the ground. I assume killing it instantly. Instead of returning to me he put the deer under his arm and stalked off through the brush. I did not see him again for five days."

This channel is dedicated to encounters with the elusive creature, Bigfoot. Some people that have had experiences, encounters and sightings with these creatures have a hard time talking about it, they get ridiculed, laughed at, occasionally even by family. Lynn Smyth, our professional narrator, will tell your story, just the way it happened, you can use your name, or not, the location it happened, or not, anything you want - it is your story.

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