Blog:  Part 1 Make America Great Again, America is Great Because she is GOOD!

Blog: Part 1 "Make America Great Again", "America is Great Because she is GOOD!"

Resistance Chicks

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Blog: Part 1 "Make America Great Again", "America is Great Because she is GOOD!"
WAIT! WAIT! This is A mental Virus Test! You will Be Jolted, Angered, This Blog Will Test How Much Brainwashing you and Others have Suffered. You use the Gospel to Escape this Entanglement and be Free, Sound Minded, Healthy Again! "God,Jesus Loves Me, I love God,Jesus" 1st Commandment full fills all commandments. God sets you free to Love him.
For he is Love, Health, safety, Hope, Faith, Good!
Infowars, Kaiser in studio, Alex Jones Promoting Crypto currency. Comment made on InfoWars, Alex Jones and Kaiser: Very Sad the day Alex Jones completely dies! Don't dare mention God or the Founding Fathers. Don't use God or his name to do evil. You pervert the ways of God. America did steal the wealth using Fake Fiat and you know it! We are all in tears , this is very sad, very sad. For a while there was hope for you all but now you've gone full blown anti-Christ. (Christian+Amish= Good God Bible Country, Founding Fathers Constitution)
Outer Space, Space Force, New Technology, Crypto, FDR, fiat, Ford, Rockefeller, Rothschild's, Morgan, Carnegie, Hitler's science based on occult, all = The Federal Reserve, Satanist child sacrificing, molesting murders. You are now best friend with Hillary!
Leah and Michelle own and run a homestead, God's Little Acre, in SW Ohio where they raise and breed heritage hogs and chickens, keep bees, have fruit and nut trees, a variety of berries, grow their own vegetables and are proficient in permaculture and sustainable homesteading. We teach others how to can, make bread from scratch, grind wheat, butcher hogs and process chickens. Our motto is that God put Adam in a garden, so that must be where man is meant to be happiest.
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