Drag Queen Dances Provocatively For ‘Uncomfortable’ Child While Adults Clap, Cheer

Drag Queen Dances Provocatively For ‘Uncomfortable’ Child While Adults Clap, Cheer

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8 months
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A video posted to Tik Tok shows a drag queen dancing seductively in front of a very young girl as adults in the room clap and cheer.

The disturbing video shows the young girl, who appears to be no older than 6-years-old, seated as a drag queen, wearing very short shorts, crawls on her hands and knees towards her.

The drag queen then dances suggestively for the young girl before approaching her and squatting down at her side in what some viewers claim is comparable to the beginning of a lap dance.

The drag queen then shakes her backside suggestively before stroking the young girl’s hair and kissing her.

Adults in the room are seen clapping, dancing and cheering throughout the clip.

The text on the video claims “This sweet little girl asked her mom to get a better view.”

The look on her face suggests otherwise, with many respondents asserting her mannerisms suggested she was incredibly uncomfortable with the whole display.

Despite drag queens being an inherently sexual form of performance, leftists still insist there is nothing odd about exposing children to them.

This video clearly suggests otherwise.

As we previously highlighted, a Scottish MP invited a drag queen called ‘Flowjob’ who had previously uploaded sexually explicit content to Twitter to a primary school and then called parents who complained “homophobic.”

Even some drag queens have questioned why parents are allowing them to perform to children.

Last month we highlighted the words of an actual drag queen, Kitty Demure, who posted a viral video in which he expressed his amazement at why ‘woke’ parents are allowing their kids to be around drag queens, asking, “Would you want a stripper or a porn star to influence your child?”



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