New Zealand Authorities Allowing Illegal Activity

New Zealand Authorities Allowing Illegal Activity Unlisted

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4 months
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In the North Island of New Zealand, they are allowing New Zealand's native people (Maori), to block the roads. It was even shown on the 6PM news that they're allowing gang members to accompany the area to ensure that nobody comes through, which doesn't make any sense because we're currently allowed to go to McDonalds, the supermarket and the beach.

The recently changed it so the gang members are only allowed to block the roads if they are accompanied by a police officer. I KNOW! THIS SOUNDS RIDICULOUS, because IT IS!

There aren't any full blooded Maori left, they're all halfcasts. So what makes them so special to be able to legally block roads, all in the name of covid19?

If anyone else did that, they'd be forced to step away or else. This guy had enough of the authorities allowing the illegal activity. So good to see someone fighting back. These are very scary times indeed. Might as well hang up the ol' hammer and sickle flag now.


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