What do we celebrate at christmas?

What do we celebrate at christmas?


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An explanation of what is the celebration of christmas for the christians. Which is not the birth of christ, but as the church itself describe the celebration is the "birth of the unborn".

How did the christians come down to this celebration. First we need to know that the christian tries to be a continuation of the jewish religion and not a new religion. But if you remember jesus was sentence for death for blasphemy because he said when he dies we will go and sit next to his father (the god) and the holy spirit, which state that there are 2 gods !

So the jewish christian had to address what is the holy spirit and what is jesus. Depending their position that would make 1 god , 2 god or 3 gods, Or 1 god , 1 semigod and something new.

But the jewish christian wanted to still be jewish thus any explanation ought to lead to 1 god and only 1..

And the birth of the christian god was born, the 1 god divide into 3, but the 3 are 1 and undivided.

Bad luck for the jewish christian which failed to convise the rest jewish and christianity was consider a sect and hunted down from the jew community.

Thus the christian now had to create a new religion and split from the jewish religion. But since they have already taken a decision of what jesus and holy spirit was they could not change it again. So now jesus can never be born because birth indicates a position in time before that you do not exist and after that you exist. Which can not be the case for jesus because it always existed. So for the first 3 centuries of christianity there was no christmas because it simple can not exist inside the christian religion.

But christianity faced a big problem all the other relligion had huge celebration for the winter solstice and the christian faith had n


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