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 Young Adults and other Greenhorns, Welcome to Spirit of Defiance. SOD is a channel that speaks in a language beginners, rookies and novice NEW gun owners can understand. I am sure someone fresh off a professional lesson will pick apart my stance, grip, operation of the tool, even my hair style. I'm no trying to be perfect. I'm not instructing others. This whole channel is made for sharing my experiences with you, and showing how I approach it. If you find it helpful to see that... SUBSCRIBE to the CHANNEL. I'll be posting a lot more fun, humorous, informative, and awesome content. Well, I think it's awesome. I really love the subject matter. Oh, and I'll throw in Random tidbits about other things I'm familiar with like survival hiking, Rappelling, Living practically Carb-Free (so food choices), exercise, and being useful.


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