Shut the Fuck Up-The Geniuses Abound  Edition, August 1, 2020

Shut the Fuck Up-The Geniuses Abound Edition, August 1, 2020

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Good Evening, Ungovernables! Well, there are theories and experts and morons, oh my! In the dream world, everyone on ScrewyTube in scrubs is legit.

You know, I don't know what to tell you except that, based on all the research I've done over the past five months of this pestilence, I believe my theories are more plausible than all of this is a fucking fake. Sorry. Not sorry.

Here's SOME of the material that led me to my conclusions. And that's what they are. My conclusions.

Was it a mistake? Was in deliberate? Who knows. It could be either. Do I believe they play with this shit? Are you kidding me? We have a very long history of this bullshit:

And just to clarify what a pandemic is and what quaifies as a pandemic under the accepted definition, here it is. Now, perhaps that isn't YOUR definition of a pandemic, but it is the definition that is used pretty much worldwide, so this is what the powers-that-be are going with.

Whether or not it is a pandemic has nothing to do with the severity of the disease, the number of deaths vs. recovering or anything else.

Take from this what you will. I'm not making ridiculous claims like some of the idiots that are followed as thought they are gods. I'm telling you why I came to the conclusions I have.

But please don't ask me to entertain the fucking ridiclous notion that this is one big lie and there is no illness out there because not one person has backed that claim up with one fact. Not one.

So, here's your chance. You have proof? Here's my email. Come on our stream and explain it to us:

In the meantime, there are a whole host of things going on while you're all out there arguing over whether it's real or not or who's' making who wear a mask or not. We'll talk about them tomorrow.



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