2  Created by Divine Design The Company  Married to Jesus Christ!

2 Created by Divine Design The Company Married to Jesus Christ!

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Resistance Chicks

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Follow Along: https://isaiah58ministries.blogspot.c... Advice reading: http://www.nlnrac.org/earlymodern/loc... read out loud at Libri Vox ttps://librivox.org/two-treatises-of-civil-government-by-john-locke/ Book 2, Chapter 5: min. Of Property 8:08- 9:30-9:55 no one can engross themselves and take as much as they want. God created the earth and gave enough land, property for everyone to live free. No one can take it all. Even if they buy it, or gamble and win it, or trick people, con people out of what is rightfully theirs. No one can enslave others, nor gov. to help him in his endeavors to help other's, (charity), Social Security, welfare, roads, fight wars, etc. Nature and the laws of Nature, (God), has set limits to personal, private and business property: Limits to Capitalism, Government, Men. 10:30-10:50 Bounty of natural provisions belongs to all. God requires man to own land and till the soil. The Only obligation men have is to God. 12:14-13:27 Mash Potatoes: At dinner time 10 people sit down to eat. The cook made enough for everyone to have some to nourish their bodies. If one person takes more than he needs, the rest will go hungry. Being neglected, suffer malnutrition. It is harmful to everyone. The one over eating is being harmed and it is harmful to those who didn't get enough. Stop @ 15:00 Please continue reading on your own to save your mind! It is very very true. From this documents we have America, our rights our freedoms our Constitution. Resistance Chicks P.O. Box 107 Milford, OH 45150 E-mail: Masfaith33@gmail.com www.resistancechicks.com


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