Christchurch - The Smoking Gun (March 2019)

Christchurch - The Smoking Gun (March 2019)

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You have to love the internet. Check out what I found. Another gem! If you had doubts as to whether the shootings at the mosque were real or not, then this video should put an end to all speculation !!! The Mossad will love this video. I think that the court case is starting in New Zealand. Someone should send this to the court and defence team. Do what I am doing, download and share to everybody, so that they learn the truth about this jewish attack on Christians.

The name of the city was ‘Christ’ ‘Church’ and the mossad succeeded in creating more whiteman / Christian guilt, by carrying out this event. What a great psyop.

To download from Bitchute, use any of:
Don't use firefox or microsoft browsers (Bill Gates scumbag jew - Internet explorer, chrome, etc). Use Opera or Brave, Goto 'extensions' and do a search for ‘video downloader’ and add it as an extension. There are a few different programs, so try them out.

Victor Ostrovsky - By Way of Deception (The Making of a Mossad Officer) (1990)!FxB0GSpb!79NDb0MOfNlvL-pyVSMwxaLpt6np_TZwAxakZFx-pdo
Victor Ostrovsky The Other Side of Deception, A Rogue Agent Exposes the Mossad's Secret Agenda (1994)!o5IWSQ4B!zb-fSVH4zj-smBlIodKucJIT9kOyirNSJneDUeoNwYc

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