Self Isolate NOW Funny Parody Song

Self Isolate NOW Funny Parody Song

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Dedicated to all those who were/are/ or possibly will be in Quarantine, self-isolation or lockdown. Coronavirus, to you I say "Thanks for the memories".

Here is our parody of the Lady Antebellum song, "I need you now".

Self Isolate NOW Funny Parody Song | Covid 19 Parody Pandemic Song for the Lockdown Blues.

The lyrics are as follows -


Covid-19 pandemic has me rolling on the floor
Reaching for more food cause I can't fight this boredom anymore
I wonder what this does to my state of mind
it happens to all of us this time

it's a quarter after three, tummy is hungry and I need food now
Said this quarantine is making me chubby and I need food now
And I don't care how I look because, I just need food now

after this lock-down, there will be a baby boom.
many years from now is the rise of the QUARANTEENS
Wondering if we'll call them coron-ials
kids with covid-19 shots.

it's almost five o'clock, I'm a little drunk and I need wine now
This quarantine hell is making me crazy and I need wine now
We would complain about the short weekend but look at us now

Guess I'd rather be home than killed by the virus

So practice good hygiene, keep your distance from me, you scare me now
don't cough infront of me, covidiot, just leave me now
Pa-nicking, I called my doctor, he said

you've got symptoms now

pls self isolate now

Self isolate now

Self Isolate NOW Funny Parody Song | Covid 19 Parody Pandemic Song for the Lockdown Blues.

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Self Isolate NOW Funny Parody Song | Covid 19 Parody Pandemic Song for the Lockdown Blues.
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