Black Wolf - The Mystery of Dark Wolves (Nat Geo Wild)

Black Wolf - The Mystery of Dark Wolves (Nat Geo Wild)

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Sir Mark Frederick McKinney

2 years
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The Black Wolf

Imagine that you're a scientist walking alone in a dark forest looking and searching for a majestic creature a creature that symbolizes freedom and strength but also one that must be respected and at times feared. You step out of the woods and look across an open field. There it is: a powerful black wolf illuminated by the full moon. What is it about these animals that have you so captivated?

The wolf is thought to be an ice age survivor dating wolves around 300000 years ago. The wolf is accepted to be the ancestor of the domestic dog as the wolf is thought to have selectively bred in order to breed appealing traits typical of puppies and to eliminate the not so appealing traits of adult wolves.

The Black wolf is a highly adaptive animal found in all kinds of terrain. Wolves inhabit forests deserts mountains tundras grasslands and even urban areas with the wolf being a particularly dominant and ruthless predator within it's environment. They vary in color from pure white to pure black and every shade of brown and gray inbetween. At one time the wolf had the widest distribution of any mammal. The biggest wolves on earth live in Alaska and average 125-135 lb. One specimen was taken that weighed 200 lb. The smallest wolves live in Iran and average about 60 lb.


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