Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington - Connecting The Dots to Pizzagate Classic Reup

Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington - Connecting The Dots to Pizzagate Classic Reup

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Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington where connecting the dots to expose PizzaGate!!! To much weirdness with the reports of their deaths that raises a lot of concern.

Chester and Chris was hot on the trail exposing the Hollywood elite pedophile ring and both had access to a black book that had really High profile individuals in it linking them to the Pizzagate cases.

Family and friends are both questioning the bizarre deaths that happend weeks apart from each other.

Linkin Park uses the symbol of a triangle inside of a triangle as a hidden message to the pedophile rings. It is the same symbol the FBI has in their database for being know for pedophilia use. These are not coincidences.

The mainstream media is trying to stomp this case out and keeps trying to set a narrative for everyone to believe they both committed suicide. We know better but would like to give everyone a chance to evaluate these facts with a open mind.

The rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than this. We need to keep looking for more links to all of this until we can finally learn the whole truth.


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