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Silicon Valley liberals have been busted trying to corrupt the children of America and normalize pedophilia within their ranks, promoting a bizarre series of highly successful YouTube videos for children, featuring constant themes of urination, defecation, eating from toilets, and perverted sexual themes.

Searchable on YouTube under the hashtag ElsaGate, the videos are seriously popular with children, gaining millions and millions of views, often surpassing within days, anything near what most of the most successful YouTubers get, including PewDiePie and mainstream media channels.

The Elsagate channels are the most popular channels in the world, and they all have a similar theme, with three key characters that appear in concert throughout a labyrinth of channels. The key characters are: Spiderman, The Joker and Elsa (from the Disney movie Frozen).

While promoting this sick filth aimed at corrupting the minds of impressionable children, Silicon Valley liberals are suppressing alternative media and individual social media users who dare to question their morals (or lack thereof) and demand society retain its values regarding the innocence of children.

The common themes within ElsaGate videos repeat over and over again, lulling the child into a sense of security, despite the adult and often perverted subject matter. Themes include what some researchers describe as a toilet or “water sports” fetish. For instance, Elsa, the main character, is involved in continuous scenes involving a bathroom and urination.

The Outer Light reports: One common scene includes Elsa waiting to go to the bathroom, but in her dismay, Spiderman will not open the door. At this point Elsa, has no choice, but to urinate in the hallway. Other common themes involve, Spiderman urinating into a bathtub, which Elsa gets into.

You could say that this is a case of art imitating art – YouTubers repeating successful models, that gain lots of views; leading to something of an anomaly out of chaos...

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