It was such a horrible sight I had to call the cops.

It was such a horrible sight I had to call the cops.

Sir Mark Frederick McKinney

10 months
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What a horrid surprise was waiting for me when I arrived at the blue chip mine to do some simple gold prospecting.

Arrived at my Blue Chip Mine to do some more exploration of a new quartz seam. Brought in the micro blaster, jack hammers, quad and all the rest of the equipment. Unfortunately what I found waiting for me was an awful surprise. I found that squatters had taken up residence at my mine. but not only had they made themselves a camp, the made a HUGE junk pile out of the area.

I did not want to be blamed for the mass so I had to go to the cops and file a report so I would not be blamed for the garbage left all around my mine site. I did talk with the people, they were very friendly and nice. They said they would clean up and take their stuff with them. However I could not take the risk of being left responsible for the clean-up it they decided to abandon it all where it is.

This video is produced by Dan Hurd, Prospector, Miner, Teacher and YouTuber, as part of his YouTube channel based on educational videos about gold mining, gold panning, prospecting, rock hounding, and mineral collecting.


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