Most BIZARRE Creatures Ever Found!

Most BIZARRE Creatures Ever Found!

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BIZARRE Creatures Ever Found!

Check out this top 10 list of strange and mysterious creatures that recently got discovered! You won't believe some of these weird animals actually exist!

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10. Poodle Moth

Discovered in 2009 by Dr. Arthur Anker from Kyrgyzstan, the Venezuelan Poodle Moth is often thought to be a hoax because of how strange it is, but it most definitely is a real creature.

9. Cyclops Shark

Sharks are hardly the most comforting of creatures found in the ocean, but occasionally they will suffer from a condition called cyclopia that is seen in various animal species- including humans.

8. Devils Worm

This worm truly deserves its name. It was first found in 2010 at a depth of 2.2 miles beneath the earth’s surface.

7. Lobster Moth

From looking at an adult Lobster moth you’d be forgiven for wondering how it had got its name, or why it’s on this list.

6. Pink Dragon Millipede

Some animals have far too many legs for their own good and, while some species of millipede may look cute, the recently discovered pink dragon millipede might be the absolute last thing you’d want to see before you go to bed.

5. Tube-Nosed Fruit Bat

The Philippine tube-nosed fruit bat was first discovered by scientists in 1984, but it had been the stuff of nightmares for locals who encountered it for years.

4. Cthulhu Larva

Also known as the Deep Sea Holothurian, the sea pig or the abyssal sea cucumber, the Cthulhu Larva looks just like something a Hollywood creature designer would make for a creepy sci-fi movie.

3. Frilled Shark

There’s another rarely found shark that lurks deep in the oceans, and for those that are unfortunate enough to find one- they’re in for a fright.

2. Giant Wolf Fish

Species of Wolf Fish are found all over the world, but one particular type, affectionately known as the Giant Wolf Fish, is a scary and potentially very dangerous one that is found in freshwater environments across South America.

1. Megalara Garuda

And finally number one, and if you’re not a fan of wasps then you might want to look away now.

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