Some advantages of running a BBS [Felinoid]

Some advantages of running a BBS [Felinoid]

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9 months
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Setting up your own BBS: A linux based BBS program popular with BBS users today.
(As of posting this video the Syncho website seems to be down.
Also Syncho dropped dial up support and is exclusively an Internet BBS there is an external utility that restores dial up support) A Linux, Windows and MacOs X BBS (Available for the Pi but not the beaglebone) For Linux and BSD
I found directions for running a Dos based BBS on Linux but the information is incomplete.

Hardware: Beagle Bone Green and related hardware. Display for BB Green and BB black Beagle Bone Black, Raspberry Pi displays for Pi and related hardware for Pi and Beagle Bone White, black and green

And finally a USB modem can get found on Amazon


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