The Minds Roundtable Episode 2

The Minds Roundtable Episode 2

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Censorship Sucks

12 months
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The 3rd person to ever agree to an interview with me was @OvationEddie, he had a channel on YT with 40k subs that was taken out from under him. He was rebuilding from scratch and I convinced him to come here to #Minds so he did and not only did he agree to let me interview him but he showed up every day to remind his content ever since.

But last week he was BANNED from Minds out of the blue and had he not known me he would have given up right then and there.

I've invited a lot of channels here to Minds, and if any of them have an Issue I'll fight like hell to support them. Fortunately so will Minds and this roundtable proves it.

This is the most important video I've ever done IMHO and I hope you like and share it.

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