Mask material

Mask material

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Jeffery McLean

3 months
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General tips and information on making masks
Mentions Halyard H600 as a mask making material

HEPPA Vac bag masks
PS Go to the bag manufactuers website and see if the bag contains fiberglass
Manufactuers warn people to not use them for masks if they use fiberglass

A DIY type replicated an N95 mask
It should be noted this mask is not an N95 as you would need to pay a lot of money to have your own final product tested to get an N95 rating
It should preform the same as an N95 mask however you will lack the quality obtained by industrial manufacturing.

This DIY mask is named the N100 however I think the creator over estimated his mask
However it's a $2 mask that is useful

As for DIY masks that are the same quality as your standard cotten masks

This is a cloth mask with a pocket for a filter.

If you are stuck with no mask you can make a mask with an old shirt

Also you can make a disposable mask from paper towels

A yarn mask that could work if you really can't get anything else.

And finnally a yarn mask while it won't do anything to protect against the virus its clearly better that whatever the antimaskers think masks are like.


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