Easter Egg No One Found: Eddie Rabbitt + The Matrix

Easter Egg No One Found: Eddie Rabbitt + The Matrix

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Oh's Favorite Eddie Rabbitt Songs tested to The Matrix

lol get it (Happy Orthodox Easter)

Fairly explanatory line. Track 1 intros w a series but eventually errors with a 'well'/+[come]/ fixer. but no.
Wedging around the error works but errors the front and spoils the intro series, so figure a pause the distance between the 2 lines, to parellel the debugging...sweet.

Track 1's bug seems fixed at 'good'../ during the snapping as the bug deactivates, w pause and unpause at snappy frames and the duration = to 4 exact clicks of the track (2.8).
However the combo [im not] + 'well' would remain.
The wedge line's after-error is near [its on the move] and the keyword 'yeah/i' can be cut and the pause interval traded up and conserved. 
both are nice altho dubious [p] / rain errors persist syllabically ergo the nuance is minimalized (note teh ptectors [piece] and [hook] 2:15? 2:55? , 3:21 negates, 3:36? 5:23? at which point if you dony know all the words on the p combo cancelling page of the rulebook realize this error trap parallels morphius's explanation and is plot related to neo's condition, legalists. dont let a movie disqualify your position for 'errors' it does. anyone smart enough to notice idosyncrasy is smart enough to discover the reason. or just dont use songs that say rain or radio)
either way the extra 2.8 is cut back from the end of the track to maintain original track length and not
disturb the rest of the songs: An easy list to source since these are the most well known.

Track 6 has and equally legit, lasery 5 second pause affirmed by [remake the matrix] and during verse 1's
identical lyrics, ie /'with the rain in my shoes' = [truth] twice (and [stop])

other possible scanner-defying self-corrected errors:
track 2 [but] + 'up' is counteracted by 'head'+[but] you buthead

track 5's [coming] error is cancelled with 'mistake' lyric next instance

track 7's sustained 'raaaaiiiaiiin' overlaps [p]'s at [people] tho the brain finishes saying 'rain' way before. its only sorta multi-sylabbic and could combo but [free] acts as exclusionary so really only the [p]'s before at [prop] that matter, which are wedged.

track 8 shows rulebased triad /slowside wedges:
[child]/ = /'but'
[god]/ = 'i'll always/ be'=
[shit]/ = 'but/ when i saw you = [shit]/

and the fastside/ wedge 'i/was wrong' = /[holy shit]
to isolate this position. obvious tho 'things' = door handle is a better indicator

NB Terminology / Perspectives: Music info should always be listed before movie info in titles discriptions and instructions unless a combo formulation reads better switched around.

a Film start describes a musical time signature a 0:00:00 or paused film is started or played.  All other startpoints describe when during a movie music is played. Music is the object on the plain of the film that could be moved or start faster (earlier) or slower (later). But film or music can be fast or slow...So when encountering combo wedges a 'fastside' wedge means the film is fast, your music should be faster. not that it is too fast. The reason is progress is visualized from left to right like reading or timelines, but being to far 'to the right' with music means go faster? or start sooner.  A track too far left must start slower, to the right. Hunting a filmstart is backwards from a songstart so think of a wedge label as what your music should do / what the film is. like a traffic sign. the slowside wedges tell you the fim is slow or the music should be slower when you are too fast. the fast side wedge tells you(music) to start faster(sooner). you could just say right and left or think of the wedge as being the thing that is fast or slow...asl one as terminology and perspective are consistant description usually make sense. top to bottom playlists have a different visualization than left to right timelines...'moving up' can mean moving down...is the film adjusting or is the music? are we playing music to a film or a fim to music?for most editors and natural playback music is played to a movie...except when the finished product is when to start a movie to said music 

Prophylaxis Synchronum
(Happy Orthodox Easter)
*started this project from scratch about 20 hours ago


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