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You won't believe these ACTUALLY happened!

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We watch horror movies because we get the thrill of being scared all while knowing deep down that it’s just a movie and we’re in no real danger. But sometimes, what we’re viewing actually has deep roots in real life. And in the following cases, the true stories are much scarier than the films could ever be. These are 4 Horror Movies Based on Real Events.

4. Borderland Based on Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo

Borderland was a 2007 film by Zev Berman that told the tale of a group of American college students escaping to Mexico for spring break. There, they run into a bizarre set of characters as one of their friends is kidnapped, tortured and then mutilated. They soon realize they're dealing with more than just kidnappers but also a powerful cult/drug gang, headed by an American serial killer. The friends struggle to survive as they are hunted and killed off one by one. The movie Borderland is scary, and part of it actually happened in real life.

Known as "Los Narcosatánicos," Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo was a Cuban-American serial killer, drug dealer and religious cult leader who abducted and murdered, Mark Kilroy Jr., a University of Texas student when he was visiting Mexico for spring break in 1989.

3. The Haunting in Connecticut Based on Al and Carmen Snedeker

Directed by Peter Cornwell and released in 2009, The Haunting in Connecticut was released to a moderately successful box-office opening. It told the story of the Campbells as they move into a new home to be near a hospital where their cancer-stricken son would be treated. Little did they know, the new house once served as mortuary until it's traumatic past starts manifesting in violent ways on the family.

While it made for a good scary movie, a real life family in Connecticut suffered through much the same experiences as the fictional Campbells.

Al and Carmen Snedeker moved to Southington, Connecticut to be closer to UCONN hospital because their son was battling cancer. It was June 30, 1986 when they moved into their new home with their young daughter and three sons.

2. The Entity Based on Doris Bither

While The Poltergeist was enjoying box office success, another, lesser-known movie was released at the same time that dealt with a similar theme. Starring award winning actor, Barbara Hershey, the film was called The Entity. It told the story of a young mother named Carla Morran whose life was changed after being repeatedly attacked by unseen forces in her home.

In real life, the story of Carla was inspired from the true story of Doris Bither. Her story also inspired the popular book by Frank De Felitta in 1978 titled The Entity, which was in turn, turned into the movie.

Doris had a young daughter and three sons living with her in Culver City. Soon after she moved in, an elderly lady knocked on her door and told her to leave the house saying she used to live there as a little girl and that there's was something evil within. While she was shocked at the warning, she did not leave.

1. The Girl Next Door Based on Sylvia Likens

Based of Jack Ketchum's 1989 book The Girl Next Door, the movie of the same name focuses on the story of a girl named Meg and her sister Susan Loughlin. When their parents died, the sisters were sent to live with their Aunt Ruth and her three sons, Willie, Ralphie and Donny. But it was here when her nightmare would begin. Meg was tortured, raped, beaten and mutilated by her Aunt and her sons. A neighbor named David tried to help her escape but to no avail.

People who have seen the movie both praise it and hate it. The graphic depiction of the crimes and the brutality doled out on Meg is difficult to watch. Yet, what's even more horrifying is that the story is actually a fictionalized account of a true story that happened to a girl named Sylvia Likens.


It's one thing to find horror movies entertaining but when you realize that much of what you've seen or are watching could be partly true, the term entertainment just takes on a sinister meaning.


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