5 CREEPY Stories of People Killed by GHOSTS

5 CREEPY Stories of People Killed by GHOSTS

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There are countless ghost stories out there and most of the time, it’s a sighting or a feeling, but nothing much more then that. But the cases on this list get much more dark and evil then your typical campfire tale. They involve real people, real deaths and possibly even real ghosts. these are 5 Creepy Stories of People Killed by Ghosts.

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5 Creepy Stories of People Killed by Ghosts

5. Malachi Martin

Every horror fan will have heard of The Exorcist but not many may know that the priest played by actor, Max Von Sydo, is based on a real-life priest by the name of Malachi Martin.

Born in Ballylongford, Ireland, Father Malachi Martin was one of four siblings, all of whom became priests with Martin and another brother, also becoming academics. Father Martin took a doctorate in archaeology, oriental history and semitic languages. He extended his studies to include rational psychology, physics, anthropology and also took part in research about the Dead Sea Scrolls.

4. Widow Ghost

Currently In the small village of Tha Sawang, Thailand, the men are afraid to sleep. For months, the men in the village have been trying to fight a paranormal entity dubbed locally as the “Pee Mae Mai” or the “Widow Ghost.” So far, close to a dozen “strong, healthy men” have died without any strong medical reason.

The villagers and the family of the men claim they were all healthy and did not show any sign of sickness at all but still succumbed to death in their sleep. Out of fear their next male relatives might die next, some of the villagers sought the help of a spirit medium to consult the spirit world about what was happening.

3. Mark and Debby Constantino

Well known for being constantly featured on The Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, Mark and Debby Constantino were known for being primarily EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) investigators. They’re often featured on the ghost show to help explain or identify audio recordings of captured spirit voices and ghosts.

Married since 1989, it’s Debby who had “the gift of attracting spirits” while Mark was a believer in the afterlife but didn’t experience any unusual manifestation until he had met his wife. Eventually, the couple became known in the lecture circuit and the TV exposure furthered their careers.

2. The Iceman’s Ghost

On September 19, 1991, German hikers, Helmut and Erika Simon stumbled across a frozen, dead body high up on the Ötztal Alps close to the Austrian–Italian border. They thought the corpse was that of a recently killed mountaineer so they informed officials as soon as they could. The body was extracted along with the various items nearby, on September 22nd. A local archeologist, Konrad Spindler examined the body and dated it to be around “4,000 years old” basing it on the items found near remains.

1. Curse of King Tut and Tomb of Timur

Mummies and curses go hand in hand. And there’s no others more famous then that of King Tut and the conqueror Timur.

King Tut’s tomb was first discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter, at the urging of his financial backer, George Herbert, the fifth Earl of Carnarvon. On November 22, 1922, Howard, the Earl and his daughter managed to open King Tut’s tomb and found several golden artifacts inside. Legend has it that the night the tomb was opened, all of the lights in Cairo went out.


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