5 G right above TENANTS- The Fire Department Unions dont allow but Police Get one?

5 G right above TENANTS- The Fire Department Unions dont allow but Police Get one?


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I have been watching this 5G fire up and recording radar anomalies I have never seen before this new 5G rollout.

The joke about th 5G with Police vs Fire house is to make you aware the Fire unions made sure to exempt there members from the Microwave antennas being so close to them because firemen sleep and live in the fire station for a couple days at a time. However the Police facility has a lot of people that stay in the building most of the 8 plus hour work day.

Were they shown the effect 60 gig or 90 gig microwaves have on organic material like your HEART muscle? yes the current 2.4 Gig even causes things to happen in the heart.

I hope a little Parody helps some people see what is in a rush being installed around them and even above your heads.

5 G energy will be only a few feet away from top floor apartment renters. I found these in Chicago the actual City. Now its near the College kids west of Chicago.

You may want to have a look at the Radar that is capturing insane radar patterns and I even captured a 300 mile wide circle of microwaves going right through the center of a Typhoon in India.

Just saying..

I will put a link to that video it is over on Joshwhotv.com

If you find any radar or images like here in this short drive..Please concider posting the short clips and photos on our Discord Chatroom.

Link here to see..

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Video with 5G & Typhoon blending?


Thank You for watching..

Scott W



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