Dark Side Of The Rainbow Optimized

Dark Side Of The Rainbow Optimized

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*Disclaimer to first-timers*, or, those who did this a long, long time ago: There is no such thing as a perfect sync. Not every action/movement in the movie can or will sync to audio cues in the music with any amount of editing. If that's what you expect or think you remember, your expectations are entirely overblown. Please just enjoy this for the mild curiosity it is and be cool in the comments.*

All other versions I have found seemed "off" in the sync. I have made several minor corrections here and there to ensure the main beats of the sync are intact. Unfortunately even a "perfect" sync has diminishing returns after about an hour; additionally, there are few noteworthy sync points after Dorothy meets the Lion.

Making this vid I realized there is no such thing as a "perfect" sync; there are numerous instances I've found where noted sync points happen within the same loop of a song, and even when zooming into the audio track wave forms as *precisely* as possible, matching a movement to the exact frame would throw off the next sync point by up to a few seconds.

Even within this vid there are a few points I'm not satisfied with, mostly the 1st loop of "Time", which in order to only edit when absolutely necessary meant a few split-second mis-cues. There are also several split-second gaps when the audio tracks changed from one MP3 file to the next that had nothing to do with an intentional edit, which I may focus on if I make another version. If a person did their own "old fashioned" sync with a CD player setup it might possibly mitigate this problem as well.


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