DLive Is Overly Centralized And Misleading | EP#189

DLive Is Overly Centralized And Misleading | EP#189

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Every time I have gone back and taken another look at DLive, it’s always more centralized than before. I don’t know what people are missing. Minimum withdrawals, ID to withdraw, huge purchasing fees, not listed on an exchange, pro-censorship, and Lino is not a “real” cryptocurrency.
I didn’t think I’d have to make another video pointing this out, but as DLive continues to grow and more people seem to believe the publisher is using the blockchain or at the very least that is decentralized while both are not the case. I will give them that they seem to be making use of the blockchain to some small degree, but everything about it is still centralized. Out of the very few validators (witnesses), they have 7 out of 11 are owned by DLive, so that isn’t very promising either. They do have a lot more information on their blockchain here: https://docs.lino.network/blockchain/account.html

It has a better value proposition than Twitch with no platform cuts, but with everything else and especially for those buying Lino points, it’s a scam. Don’t buy on mobile to avoid their 30% fees! I almost never make videos and content bashing a platform directly, but honestly, PewDiePie is attracting so much attention there and everyone is being misled. I feel that making this video is necessary to keep people in the know and aware of what’s going on.

You can see this all for yourself on their site: https://dlive.tv/
You can find their April Lino point purchase fee update here: https://community.dlive.tv/2019/04/03/lino-points-purchase-fee-update/

This was my original video I made covering Dlive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq9E6WEK-VE

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