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Did you know cancer hardly existed before the smallpox serum was created? Are social expectations worth gambling with innocent lives? All throughout history research scientists have spoken out, telling us the Horrific Truth about the deadly practice, and have been efficiently silenced. Do you think that anyone truly survives vaccines? Are you aware that the poisons introduced into the system can remain for 40+ years before resulting in an activated cancer, lymphoma, or heart attack? Was it your intention to put a ticking time bomb in your child's body? Is this something you really want to do just to fit in with the other drones? Should you have the right to decide for your child's health, let alone give misguided advice to other parents? At the very least let them decide after getting the real data, not the countless desperate bank-funded propaganda campaigns out of the same halls where the vaccines are produced. Criminals don't rat on themselves, so a study out of any Rockefeller-Rothschild establishment is worthless.


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