Freund death: Bond set at $5M each for Crystal Lake parents-Beat 5 Yr OLD DEATH IN COLD SHOWER

Freund death: Bond set at $5M each for Crystal Lake parents-Beat 5 Yr OLD DEATH IN COLD SHOWER


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Missing Crystal Lake IL - boy Andrew Freund: Police report the 5 Year old boy was placed in a cold shower and beat to DEATH!

What say all of you ?

This is on the people who do nothing to get these political hacks out of office..

In a few days it will be back to normal and business as usual..

I saw this same bullshit 30 Years ago when I was on the Job..Same story same excuses

Children not being protected from the EVIL is a common theme today and in the past. Why?

We see people come together large amounts to place gifts and flowers and candles for a night or two at the location...Then what?

I just record and report on what I see..I see Evil and more people then ever blame God if they even know what God is..The rest are socially taught and programmed to practice Evil..If you do not get what this means give it time.

I am emotional like anyone is right now and could point fingers at a lot that is in the public like police reports..Not hearsay facts as they were told at least..I bet a lot of covering of THY ASS is happening right now..

If your police are not doing like Community Police work like many saw working in the quote OLD days? then start showing up to your local board meetings..The Chief and Mayor are usually there and you can ask questions.

Again this is all about no one asking shit questions after they turn 5 years old. No pun regarding this victims age..I always say this.

Lets see were this goes..

Live Stream section on our Discord..Check it out..And we can chat with each other during an event like this while I am online or not..

If I see strange weather updates I will jump in..

For now I am trying to find cameras in the path of the storms to capture the lightening.

Note I am seeing reports of heavy lightening with no thunder again?

Here we go..

Thank You for watching..


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Scott Wagner


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