Is your cars electronics hard boiling your brain ! 600 % worse then cell tower

Is your cars electronics hard boiling your brain ! 600 % worse then cell tower


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Notes : please read my message and information's really important and no body knows this..almost nobody. Share or mirror or add this to your own video..I give permission to use this clip to anyone..

I am at a loss for words and I am hoping everyone download a emf radiation app for your phone..I do not sell these and NO promo codes..I am self funded and answer to no corporation.

You will not believe that the area my head is right under in the driver's seat of a Chevrolet Trax.

The levels are 600 % more dangerous then the level I take standing under a big cell tower.

Everyone is talking about 5g..your car can make you instantly sick of your body is sensitive to 2.4 Gig and cell phone radiation. .yes radiation. .

You can't see UV B when it will burn your skin right? This is the same thing just a different frequency and still causes damage in the long term.

Your cell phone agreement you all clicked accept when you bought it...States do not put these against your when you talk on the phone and your placing it against your face.

Please look into this..if you know anyone who bought a newer car an is telling you they just don't feel right after driving to work an back...they are feeling the effects.

Please share this post it and I waive any copyright to the clip..this is something everyone needs to know.

Most importantly you as the consumer should have the option yo "opt in or out" when you buy a car..Right now they are using your life and your habits to record and sell to corporate advertising and who knows who else is looking through it..They install this make money and you don't know. This should be an informed consent ..this would limit them from being sued later when years from now a rare new cancer or auto immune disease appears and we all are surprised.

Did you consent to this radiation in a simple car. .

Please share and send this info to everyone. .

Thank You for watching.

Scott W


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