Jimi Hendrix Documentary -

Jimi Hendrix Documentary -

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Jimi Hendrix Documentary - is a magnet for copyright thieves.

Below is a list of copyright claimants. It's a full time job to fight off vulture after vulture. EMI even claimed copyright for the random noise that happened when Hendrix set his guitar on fire prior to smashing it at Monterey. Can one also claim copyright on silence ?

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Jimi Hendrix has become the ultimate magnet for copyright thieves. Below is a list of released claims I had to appeal, including a take down by Warner Brothers. The latest is from an Italian Clown named Peter Capusotto y sus Videos. As soon as I have got rid of one parasite another appears. I hope somebody actually reads this so they appreciate that YouTube has become a hunting ground for copyright thieves who abuse content id privileges provided by YouTube to monetize videos to which they have no rights whatsoever.

Fair use in copyright law clearly allows non-commercial, transformative reproduction of works for purposes like criticism, comment, education, news reporting and research. The purpose of posting this video is entirely for criticism via Youtube comments.

The video does not detract from the value of any original work or limit any copyright holders rights or their ability to distribute any originals. In particular, copies of this video could not plausibly be used to make illegal commercial copies because of the low quality of sound and low resolution of the images.

Just because material is deemed 'unauthorized' does not make its use illegal. This documentary does not in any way impact or harm the market for sales of any copyrighted material. Each clip of Jimi Hendrix used was short enough to reasonably relate to the points made by the narration and people who commented about Jimi Hendrix in the documentary.

Below is a list of fraudulent copyright claims made by dishonest companies, when it's perfectly clear that fair use allows the use of poor quality portions of artists performances for purpose primarily of education, discussion, criticism and debate rather than outright commercial entertainment.

Your video may include content that is owned by a third party.

To watch the matched content please play the video on the right. The video will play from the point where the matched content was identified.

Your video is available and playable.

Copyright details:

Audio-visual content administered by: 45:34

The Orchard Entertainment Your dispute awaiting response by 28/12/2014

"The Jimi Hendrix Experience-Sunshine of Your Love", sound recording administered by: 45:45

SME Claim released.

"WILD THING", musical composition administered by: 17:35

SACEM Claim released.

EMI Music Publishing Claim released.

SUISA CS Claim released.

"Jimi Hendrix Experience-Wild Thing", sound recording administered by: 16:11

UMG Claim released.

"Jimmy Hendrix-Wild Thing", sound recording administered by: 16:12

The Orchard Music Claim released.

Visual content administered by: 58:57

Warner Bros. Entertainment Claim released.

Visual content administered by: 16:13

BentPixels Claim released.

"HEY JOE", musical composition administered by: 6:02

BMG_Rights_Management Claim released.

SGAE_CS Claim released.

AKM Claim released.

KODA_CS Claim released.

Warner Chappell Claim released.

Sony ATV Publishing Claim released.

TONO_CS Claim released.

SACEM Claim released.

UMPI Claim released.

STIM CS Claim released.

"The Jimi Hendrix Experience-Foxey Lady", sound recording administered by: 29:52

SME Claim released.

"Jimi Hendrix-Red House (First Show)", sound recording administered by: 22:54

"SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE", musical composition administered by: 46:00

PEDL Claim released.

Warner Chappell Claim released.

"The Jimi Hendrix Experience-Hey Joe", sound recording administered by: 6:04

SME Claim released.

"All You Need Is Love", visual content administered by: 31:00

Channel 4 Claim released.

"SPIRIT OF ROCK01", audio-visual content administered by: 0:06

ONErpm Claim released.

Audio-visual content administered by: 31:02

Image Entertainment

Visual content administered by: 31:00

Image Entertainment Claim released.

"Jimi Hendrix (documentaire - Trafic Musique, 2005)", visual content administered by: 16:16

TELEPARIS Claim released.

David Sygall Tucson AZ Claim released. He took down the video for several weeks claiming ownership of a photo of Jimi Hendrix which isn't even registered with the US Copyright Office.



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