Rock Stars Who Looked Totally Different When They Were Young

Rock Stars Who Looked Totally Different When They Were Young

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Getting old happens to the best of us, including rock stars. If they don't die before they get old, chances are they're eventually going to look old, too. But some rock stars don't just look older as they age, they begin to look completely different.

Since breaking out in the nineties,The Offspring's Dexter Holland has looked largely the same: T-shirt, jeans, and spiky blonde hair. Aside from a few extra pounds typical of getting older, he's kept his look consistent his entire career. But before The Offspring became a pop-punk household name, he actually sported a completely different look. Instead of short and spiky hair, he was crooning his tunes while sporting chest-length dreadlocks. It was certainly an interesting look, but perhaps not the best idea. Holland's hair was, quite simply, far too thin to successfully pull off the dread look. He didn't look stylish so much as he looked like he had just stepped out of the shower and hadn't yet begun to dry his hair.

But once Holland cut the dreads and embraced spiky gel, his band's sales never fully recovered. Whether that had to do with his new do or not is up for debate, but why risk a good thing by changing it? Either way, spiky-haired Holland graces every bottle of his personal hot sauce, Gringo Bandito, making his new signature look truly immortal, record sales or no.

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